Big Leage Bros: 20 Notable Pairs of Brothers Who Played on the Same MLB Team

baseball brothers who played on the same team

In case you missed it, there was a pretty big trade in the world of baseball yesterday. The Braves sent All-Star second baseman Martin Prado to the Diamondbacks in exchange for center fielder Justin Upton.

That alone would be pretty big news for the middle of January. But what makes this transaction particularly interesting is that, just a few weeks back, the Braves also signed Justin’s older brother B.J. to a five-year, $75.25 million deal. So for the first time, the Uptons will be playing on the same team. And together with 2012 Gold Glover Jason Heyward, they’ll make up what many are already calling the best outfield in baseball.

Of course, I’ll wait until they actually start playing games to make that judgment. What I know for sure right now is that the Uptons have joined an elite and historic club of baseball brothers who played on the same team. And, what’s more, they might just be the best pair yet.

What other brothers have played together on the same team, you ask? Well, here are 20 of the most notable pairs in MLB history. Check them out.