Daniel Bodin, Caleb and Colten Moore All Suffer Nasty Snowmobile Crashes at X-Games Aspen (Videos)

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If there was an award for “most dangerous X-Games competition,” the Snowmobile Freestyle would look like an easy choice following last night’s final at X-Games Aspen 2013.  The competition, which consisted of only seven competitors, somehow managed to produce three horrifying crashes.

We’ll start with the least damaging, but nastiest looking crash of the three.  It came during Daniel Bodin‘s first run, as the Swedish rider noticed a problem with his snowmobile late in his run, but that didn’t stop him from attempting one last big jump.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out quite like he had hoped, as he couldn’t complete the flip in time, causing his snowmobile to nosedive into the snow before flipping and landing on him.

Somehow, Bodin managed to bounce right back to his feet, but the damage to his sled was too extensive to repair, causing him to miss his second run and finish just off the podium in fourth place.

You can watch Bodin’s entire run below.  The crash takes place at the 1:17 mark:

Next we have Caleb Moore, whose first run of the competition ended in disaster when he failed to rotate quick enough during a late back flip attempt.  The impact threw him from his snowmobile, which bounced off the ground and landed on Caleb as they both slid down the hill.  The result was a concussion for Moore, who was able to walk off the course on his own, but when he was taken to Aspen Valley Hospital to be evaluated, it was discovered that Caleb had also developed bleeding on the heart.

He was immediately flown to Grand Junction, Colorado, where he underwent surgery Friday morning and has remained in intensive care with a heart contusion.

Here’s a look at Caleb’s crash, which takes place at the 1:00 mark:

And Caleb wasn’t the only Moore to suffer a nasty injury on Thursday night.  His brother, Colton, was also hospitalized after he suffered a separation of the pelvis during his first run of the evening.  But unlike his brother, he won’t be needing surgery.   Just plenty of Tylenol.

You can check out Colton’s crash at the 0:50 mark of the video below:

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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