Junior High Kid with Down Syndrome Sinks Two 3-Pointers, Makes SportsCenter Top Ten (Video)

owen groesser on sports center

The power of social media is pretty impressive. In Rochester, Michigan, an 8th grader made a couple of three-pointers in a basketball game. Then his classmates started a Twitter campaign to get him on SportsCenter, and the next thing you know, there he is on SportsCenter.

That kid’s name is Owner Groesser. He is an 8th grader at Van Hoosen Junior High in Rochester, and he has Down Syndrome.

Groesser is a member of the Van Hoosen basketball team. His abilities aren’t quite on par with those of the rest of his teammates, so heading into the season finale he hadn’t appeared in any of his team’s games. However, for that season finale, his coach planned to put him into the game with two minutes remaining, then he drew up a play for the team to run that would get Groesser the ball.

That play would give the kid two options—take the ball to the hoop, or shoot a three. And when Groesser got the ball for the first time, he decided to do the latter…and he hit the shot. Then the team ran the same play again, and it yielded the same result: another three-pointer from Owen Groesser.

After the game, Groesser’s supportive and enthusiastic classmates at Van Hoosen Junior High started a Twitter campaign called #GetOwenOnSportsCenter.

It worked. On Wednesday night—the same night that Owen hit the three pointers—he made SportsCenter’s Top Ten. Take a look:

Yeah, sure, it was traveling. But (a) do you think any ref was going to call it? And (b) do you think anybody cares? [Answers to (a) and (b): hell no.]

Anyway, as if all this wasn’t enough, Groesser and his father were interviewed on SportsCenter on Thursday:

And to think that it all started with Twitter. Way to go, Van Hoosen Junior High!

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