Patrick Kane and Thomas Vanek Deliver Picture-Perfect Behind-the-Back Passes Resulting In Goals (Video)

patrick kane behind the back pass to hossa

The NHL had kind of a strange first week. After a protracted labor dispute, followed by six-day training camps, the league kicked of the 2012-13 2013 season last Saturday with some teams and players looking pretty rusty and others looking in midseason form.

Thus, in the last week we’ve seen some pretty sloppy, slow-footed play, and we’ve also seen some pretty amazing plays. In fact, last night we saw not one, but two fantastic behind-the-back passes, both resulting in goals.

First there was Thomas Vanek‘s sweet dish to linemate and Sabres captain Jason Pominville. It came with Buffalo trailing 4-2 and got them right back in the game against the Hurricanes (though not for long):

Then there was Patrick Kane‘s no-looker to the red hot Marian Hossa, who buried the puck for the overtime winner to extend the Hawks’ perfect start to 4-0:

So, which one do you like best? Personally I’ll take the Vanek pass. Sure, it came in a losing effort (final score: Carolina 6, Buffalo 3), but it came with both teams at full strength, and Vanek basically draws four of the five Hurricanes out of position before making the pass to Pominville. Kane’s pass, meanwhile, came on a 4-on-3 overtime powerplay, so there was already a lot more room.

But hey, there’s no right answer. They were both sweet plays.

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