Bat Wreaks Havoc at Marquette-Providence Basketball Game (Video + GIF)

bat delays providence marquette basketball game

Man, where is Manu Ginobili when you need him?

As you will recall, a few years back, a bat interrupted a game between the Spurs and Kings, and everyone was going nuts trying to catch the thing. Then it got within swatting distance of Manu, and its reign of terror came to an end with one powerful swat.

Well, on Saturday in Milwaukee, during a Big East matchup between Marquette and Providence, a bat once again interrupted a basketball game. Only this time, nobody could get their hands on the little flying mammal.

It made its first appearance with just 11 minutes left in the game. Play was halted, then it resumed, and then it was halted again. Players, coaches and fans were diving and swatting and throwing towels at the bat, but the thing made the Bradley Center its own personal bat cave. Finally, arena officials turned out all the lights, and that apparently worked. The bat went away, the game resumed, and Marquette closed out an 81-71 victory.

Here’s a news story about the bat affair that features some brilliant insight from a member of the Colorado Bat Society:

Here’s some video shot by fans at the Bradley Center:

And here’s a ridiculously amazing GIF of Providence’s Sidiki Johnson trying to punch the bat in the face:

bat on basketball court gif

You better watch it, Sidiki, or you’re going to have PETA all over you.

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