Brawl in the Stands Spills Onto the Field During the Pro Bowl (Video)

pro bowl fan brawl

Besides a final snap from Peyton Manning to Jeff Saturday and a <a title=”Check Out this Backheel Onside Kick by Phil Dawson at the 2013 Pro Bowl (Video + GIF)” href=””>backheel onside kick attempt from Phil Dawson, the action on the field at Sunday’s Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii didn’t seem to provide a whole lot of intrigue or excitement.  Just don’t tell that to the fans in the stands behind the AFC’s bench, as they seemed to get all riled up about something at one point during the game.

And before long, a brawl broke out, which resulted in at least two fans getting tossed over the railing and onto the field.

Check it out:

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