Check Out this Backheel Onside Kick by Phil Dawson at the 2013 Pro Bowl (Video + GIF)

phil dawson unusual onsides kick pro bowl

Pretty much every NFL fan already knew that the Pro Bowl was kind of pointless. But just in case there was somebody out there who was actually looking forward to the annual gridiron all-star festivities, mistakenly expecting to see a football “game,” the Cleveland Browns’ Phil Dawson made it quite clear that this was not a competition.

The 38-year-old place kicker has been with the Browns since they returned to Cleveland in 1999, and this year he was rewarded for his contribution during those 15 agonizing seasons with his first trip to the Pro Bowl. So what did he do? He attempted a gimmicky back heel onside kick. And no, it was not successful.

Take a look:

And, just in case you want to watch it over and over and over again, here’s a GIF:

phil dawson trick kick

Well, that certainly was interesting.

Now, call me crazy, but doesn’t this play just drive home the fact that there really is no point to actually playing a Pro Bowl game? I mean, if guys are doing stuff like this, why are they risking injuries by putting players out on the field?

That being said, hats off to Dawson for trying to have a good time.

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