Rose and Ashley Battersby Suffer Nasty Injuries During Women’s Ski Slopestyle at the Winter X-Games (Videos)

broken neck at winter x-games 2013 aspen

If you’re last name is Battersby, you had a pretty bad day at the Winter X-Games yesterday in Aspen.

Now, I know what you’re wondering: how many people named “Battersby” are there at the Winter X-Games? Well, the answer is two. And both competed in the women’s ski slopestyle competition, though they are not related. Rose Battersby is a 20-year-old from New Zealand. Ashley Battersby is a 25-year-old from the USA.

Unfortunately, both Rose and Ashley had to be taken off the slopestyle course on a stretcher on Sunday.

Rose Battersby’s injury was far more serious. She took a nasty spill on the 6th feature of the slopestyle course—a drop off called “the deposit”—and wound up with a lumbar spine fracture. You can see footage of the crash in the following video.

Check it out:

Fortunately, while she wasn’t moving as she was being attended to at the course, Rose Battersby was able to more her extremities later that day at the hospital.

As for the other Battersby in the women’s ski slopestyle competition, Ashley Battersby, all she did was break her left leg. Take a look:

Normally that would get more sympathy from me, but considering the fact that the other Battersby broke her back, I suspect even Ashley would say she’s relatively lucky. Even if the injury should prove career-threatening, that’s still a lot better than life-threatening.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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