Run-Away Snowmobile Crashes into Spectators at the Winter X-Games (Video)

run-away snow mobile crash winter x-games 2013

This past July at the Summer X-Games in Los Angeles we saw a run-away motocross bike. It ended up running over its rider—an Australian by the name of Clinton Moore. Now, at the Winter X-Games in Aspen, we have a run-away snowmobile. However, it didn’t run over its rider—another Australian. Instead, it ran over a few spectators.

It happened during the “Best Trick” competition. The guy riding the snowmobile at the time—or should I say, the guy who had been riding the snow mobile at the time—was Jackson Strong. He fell off his ride while performing an aerial stunt, and after he crashed to the ground, the snowmobile took off.

What’s that, you say? Aren’t snowmobiles supposed to have safety kill switches in case something like this happens? And besides, don’t you have to be holding the throttle for it to accelerate in the first place?

Why, yes. And yes. But obviously you can’t wear the kill switch when you’re going to be doing a back flip in mid air. And apparently the throttle just got stuck.

So this happened:

Man, you gotta love the X-Games. It’s just one ridiculous crash after another.

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