Charles Barkley Interrupts the Phoenix Weather Forecast (Video)

charles barkley doing the weather

Charles Barkley has been on television since 2000. In fact, pretty soon his television career on TNT will be longer than his NBA career.  So by now, you would expect the guy to be pretty comfortable in front of a camera. And yet, when Chuck stopped by the local ABC affiliate in Phoenix recently to “help” the weatherman do his thing, he looked pretty awkward.

Don’t get me wrong. The guy was funny, as always. He even cracked a joke about his legendarily ridiculous golf game. But Barkley simply cannot figure out where to stand, so the weatherman has to physically push and pull him around. I mean, I know Barkley doesn’t have to use a green screen while covering basketball, but still, it’s not that hard, is it?

Nevertheless, it’s all pretty amusing. Take a look:

Don’t you wish that Sir Charles was the regular weatherman where you live? You wouldn’t know much about the meteorological conditions, but that wouldn’t be the point. It’s not like you watch Barkley on TNT because he teaches you a lot about basketball. You watch him because you never know when he’ll take his shirt off…or talk about waxing his eyebrows…or pick up a shake weight.

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