Drunk Bulls Fan Performs Lap Dance on Boyfriend During the Game (Video)

drunk bulls fan lap dance during game

Drunk fans dancing like idiots at sporting events is one of my favorite things to cover here at TotalProSports. I don’t know what it is, but video footage of people making idiots of themselves by busting a boozy move always makes me laugh.

So I guess you might say I’m a bit of a drunken sports dancing expert. I’ve seen every form of drunken sports dancing imaginable. There’s nothing that could surprise me anymore…or so I thought.

The video we have for you today features a very intoxicated Chicago Bulls fan in a Derrick Rose t-shirt performing a lap dance for her male acquaintance in the stands during the game. There is no nudity, but that doesn’t make this any less awkward.

Of course, the fans seated all around the couple think it’s hilarious. The ushers at the United Center in Chicago? Not so much. After about four minutes of writhing and humping, they come over and tell her to knock it off.

Take a look:

If that was me, I might be a little embarrassed by my girl’s behavior. But this guy doesn’t seem to mind. So I guess it’s different strokes for different folks.

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