Surfer Garrett McNamara Rides Record-Breaking 100-Foot Wave (Video)

garrett mcnamara record 100 foot wave surfer

One year ago we told you about surfer Garrett McNamara’s record-breaking ride, which saw him tame a 78-foot wave off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal.  Well, according to reports, it appears as though that record has been broken.

As for the new record holder, that would be none other than Garrett McNamara himself, who broke his own record by surfing a 100-foot wave at the same location (record-breaking ride pictured above, via Twitter).

McNamara accomplished the feat on Monday, as he took advantage of the perfect conditions offered by the ocean’s structure, which he has previously described as “an underwater canyon 1,000ft deep that runs from the ocean right up to the cliffs.”  According to McNamara, the canyon acts like a funnel that narrows as it gets closer to the shore and intensifies the magnitude of the wave as it encounters any big swells in the canyon.

Unfortunately, the footage of Garrett McNamara’s record-breaking run has not been released as of yet, but you can catch a quick glance at what appears to be his 100-foot ride at the 0:39 mark of the video below.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Guardian]

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