Glen “Big Baby” Davis Catches Gerald Wallace and Carries Him Like a Baby (Video)

glen big baby davis cathces gerald wallace

I have no idea whether Glen “Big Baby” Davis really is a nice guy. But with a nickname like that you certainly would assume so. And the play you’re about to see would certainly suggest as much, also.

Last night, you see, Davis’ Orlando Magic were in Brooklyn to take on the Nets. About halfway through the third quarter, the home team’s Deron Williams corralled a rebound in the defensive zone and hit a streaking Gerald Wallace with a pass. Wallace then took it straight to the basket, where he was met by the hard-charging Big Baby Davis.

Now, Big Baby is listed at 6’9″, 289 pounds, but I don’t think many people would be surprised if it turned out that he was actually over 300. What this means is that the guy has trouble stopping on a dime. So while Wallace was in the air, Davis collided with him.

This is the moment where Big Baby looks like he might be a pretty decent guy, because he didn’t just plow right through his opponent. Instead, he grabbed onto Wallace and carried him like a baby so he didn’t fall.

It was very touching. Have a look:

Unfortunately, they don’t award any points for sportsmanlike play. So the Magic still fell to the Nets by a score of 97-77.

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