Youth Hockey Coach Jumps Over Boards to Yell at Refs, Falls on His Butt (Video)

pee wee hockey coach hops over boards to yell at refs

Unfortunately, we see footage of parents and coaches behaving badly at youth sporting events all too often. Whether it’s a little league coach flipping out at an umpire, a pee wee football coach attacking a referee, a couple of football mom’s going at it in a parking lot, or a pee wee hockey coach tripping a player on the opposing team, these sorts of ridiculous things happen way too much.

But here’s some good news: sometimes karma bites these idiots in the butt. For example, in the clip we have for you today, a youth hockey coach tries to hop over the boards and onto the ice to yell at the referee, but trips and falls awkwardly onto the ice.

Oh sure, he still gets up and yells at the refs. But at least he’ll have a sore back for his troubles.

Take a look:

I like how he just keeps on walking right out of the rink because he knows he just got himself ejected.

Way to set a good example, buddy.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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