Here’s the Mayor of Denver Performing Ray Lewis’s Famous Celebration Dance (Video)

denver mayor michael hancock does ray lewis dance

When two sports teams square off against each other in an important game, it’s quite common for the mayors of those cities to place a little wager as a way to get some good free press. And, usually, these wagers involve things like the losing mayor wearing the jersey of the winning team, or the losing mayor sending 100 pounds of some local delicacy to the other mayor. You know, stuff like that.

However, before the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens squared off in the AFC Divisional Playoff Round a few weeks back, the mayors of those two cities made a wager with far more interesting stakes.

Oh sure, food was still involved. If the Broncos lost, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock would send Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake a box of dry-aged “cowboy cut” ribeye steaks from Lombardi Brothers Meats. And if Baltimore lost, Mayor Rawlings-Blake would send Hancock a platter of broiled crab cakes from J.W. Faidley Seafood.

But there was more. Rawlings-Blake would also have had to bathe Baltimore’s historic Washington Monument in blue and orange light. And Hancock? He would have to perform Ray Lewis’s famous celebration dance.

Anyway, as you know, the Broncos lost, so Mayor Hancock had to perform the Ray Lewis dance. But apparently he was injured a few weeks ago and only became healthy enough to make good on his bet now.

Take a look:

Yep, that is the Mayor of Denver.  And sure, he may look goofy, but he is still a lot smoother than the Mayor of Toronto or the Mayor of Boston.

Hat Tip – [CBS Denver]

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