High School Girls Basketball Player Delivers the Most Vicious Elbow to the Face You’ll Ever See (Video)

vicious elbow girls high school basketball

You may not be particularly interested in girls high school basketball most of the time. And that’s fair, because it’s usually pretty boring. And I mean no disrespect here. No one would want to watch me play basketball either.

But the clip we have for you today is certainly not boring.

It’s believed (though not officially confirmed) that it comes from a recent game in California between San Luis Obispo High and Atascadero High. At the 15 second mark, you’ll see an unidentified San Luis player give a quick elbow to the chest of an Atascadera player. Then that Atascadera player–perhaps a senior named Stacey Brown—delivers the most vicious elbow to the face you’ll ever see outside an MMA ring.

And no, I’m not exagerating. It’s right up there with the elbow Metta World Peace dealt to James Harden.

Take a look:

How ’bout them refs, huh? They catch neither the first, much more subtle elbow, nor the second plain-as-a-neon-sign-in-the-middle-of-a-quiet-suburban-cul-de-sac elbow.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the poor Atascadera player lost a few chicklets on that one. But I’m sure we’ll learn more about this situation as the video makes its way around the internet, so stay tuned.

Hat Tip – [Prep Rally]

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