Bruins Fan Throws Hot Dog on the Ice During Tyler Seguin’s Shootout Attempt (Video)

bruins fan throws hot dog on ice during shootout 3

On Tuesday night in Boston, the Bruins and Devils were tied 1-1 after regulation and the five-minute 4-on-4 overtime period. So that meant the game would be decide in a shootout, which is always exciting, even if hockey purists don’t like it.

However, this shootout proved to be even more interesting than most. Why?  Well, for starters, it went six rounds, which is 3 rounds more than the minimum. And more importantly, on the very first attempt taken, a fan threw a hot dog onto the ice.

The shooter was Tyler Seguin of Boston. Just as he reached the crease and was about to put the moves on Devils goalie Johan Hedberg, a hot dog came flying across the ice and all the way through the crease, either behind or between the goalie’s legs.

Here are a couple more angles that show the path of the rogue concession staple:

bruins fan throws hot dog on ice during shootout 2

bruins fan throws hot dog on ice during shootout

It’s not clear if the fan was trying to distract Hedberg or Seguin, but it didn’t seem like either of them noticed the flying wiener, and Seguin scored on the forehand.

However, the refs weren’t about to take any chances. So they ruled that Seguin would have to take the shot again, citing rule 24.4 (which I guess states that a goal shall be disallowed if any encased meats are on or just above the ice surface). Then Seguin scored again, this time on the backhand.

It was all pretty weird. Take a look at the video:

Bet you’ve never seen that before, have you?

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