Drunk 49ers Fan Gets Owned by Orlando Reporter Covering Super Bowl (Video)

drunk 49ers fan owned by news reporter

For some reason, media outlets all over the world send reporters to the location of the Super Bowl an entire week before the actual game. Sure, there’s almost no actual news to report, but hey, “the news” really isn’t about the news anymore, is it?

Anyway, getting picked for such an assignment must be very frustrating for people who consider themselves serious journalists. You basically have to spend a whole week doing stories about nothing and dealing with morons. And when the Super Bowl is in New Orleans, one of the greatest party cities on Earth? Yeah, it’s even worse. They’ll make you do live reports from the French Quarter, which means you’ll practically have to beat the drunken fools off yourself with a stick.

However, one reporter from WKMG in Orlando found a very good way to deal with drunk videobombers in the French Quarter: embarrass the living sh-t out of them.

That reporter’s name is Jessica Sanchez. She was doing a report from the French Quarter the other day in the lead up to Super Bowl XLVII when she got interrupted by a drunk 49ers fan. So she brought that fan over, told her they were talking about the high STD rates in New Orleans, and asked her, “How long have you had an STD?”

When the woman responds, “I don’t have an STD,” Sanchez then says, “Oh, then why did you want to talk? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Kudos, Ms. Sanchez. I like your moxy.

Take a look:

Hat Tip – [Bob’s Blitz]

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