Magic’s Jameer Nelson Nails a Bounce Shot Against the Knicks (Video)

jameer nelson of magic hits bounce shot after whistle

Athletes vent their frustration in a lot of different ways. Sometimes they’ll snap a bat over their knee. Sometimes they’ll beat the crap out of a Gatorade cooler. Or sometimes they’ll just turn and give their opponent a vicious elbow to the kisser.

Judging by the way Jameer Nelson took out his frustration last night at Madison Square Garden, I’m thinking he probably played a lot of horse when he was growing up.

Last night, during the Orlando Magic’s 113-97 loss to the New York Knicks, Nelson got called for charging while trying to take the ball toward the basket from the top of the key. Afterward, he slammed the ball down at the floor in disgust—and it bounced up and into the basket.

As the Knicks-friendly MSG announcers point out, Nelson probably should have received a technical for this minor tantrum. But my guess is the referees were so impressed, that they decided to let it slide.

Have a look:

Not bad, right? Now that I think about it, wouldn’t it be kind of awesome if you could get, like, 4 points for making this kind of shot in the game?

Just a thought, NBA. Feel free to use it.

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