Child Runs onto Court During Baylor-Oklahoma Basketball Game, Does Not Get Tackled by Security (Video)

kid runs on court at baylor game

We all know what happens to fans who run out onto the field or court and interrupt a sporting event: they get pounded. The only questions are how hard, and by whom?

Usually it’s a security guard who does the honors. But you never know if that security guard is a former linebacker, or if he has a new taser and an itchy trigger finger. And God help you if you run out onto the field at a rugby match.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if you’re just a little kid and you run out onto the field, apparently nobody will tackle you.

I know. Seems unfair, right? But what can I say—our nation has gone soft.

Anyway, I mention this because, at last night’s Baylor-Oklahoma basketball game, a cute little Baylor fan ran onto the court midway through the second half, halting play. He wasn’t tasered or tackled. Instead, his dad just came out and scooped him back up.

Check it out:

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, there’s a bat going, “yeah, sure, he runs onto the court and everyone laughs and cheers. I do it and everyone tries to kill me.”

As for that little Baylor fan, apparently he had taken part in some kind of halftime activity on court.  So he was probably under the impression that he had an open invitation to play there any time he wanted.

Hat Tip – [Big Lead Sports]

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