9 Football Themed Costume Ideas For Your Super Bowl Party

With the opening kickoff to the biggest game on the sporting calendar now less than two weeks away, sports fans across the nation are busy organizing their Super Bowl XLVII parties. Despite the fairly dismal state of the economy, and to use a well known phrase from Jurassic Park, last year consumers “spared no expense”. In total around $11 billion was spent on food, apparel, decorations and other related goods for the event. If you do the math that averages out to over $60 for each person watching the game.

While a significant portion of viewers will just buy a few cans of beer and a bag of Cheetos; more and more of us are going all-out on their parties with copious volumes of light beer, chicken wings and nachos on offer. For those of you that really like reveling in the party atmosphere we have picked out nine of the best Super Bowl themed costumes below.

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