San Jose Sharks Sniper Logan Couture Was Kaepernicking Last Night (Video)

kaepernicking logan coture colin kaepernick

So apparently every NFL quarterback worth his salt has got to come up with a signature gesture to perform after scoring a touchdown. Aaron Rodgers has the championship belt thing (which has become the Discount Double Check thanks to his State Farm commercials). Tim Tebow has Tebowing (i.e., kneeling and giving thanks to the Almighty for smiting his enemies). And now Colin Kaepernick has that thing where he kisses his giant tattooed guns.

This last one has obviously come to be called “Kaepernicking,” and you can bet that if the guy has a memorable performance in the Super Bowl this Sunday, everybody and their mother is going to be doing it all next week.

But in the Bay Area, of course, everyone is already doing it. And that includes San Jose Sharks sniper Logan Couture.

Last night against the Edmonston Oilers in San Jose—which is about 45 minutes from San Francisco—Couture scored a goal on a turnover midway through the second period, and he celebrated by Kaepernicking.

Check it out:

It was subtle, but it was there.

Normally I’m against gimmicky celebrations in hockey. Genuine expressions of excitement and jubilation are fine, but when it comes to pre-ordained celebration dances, I’m with Don Cherry and would rather hockey players leave that to the NFL. However, in this case I like it. It’s a small nod to the 49ers and all the sports fans in the Bay Area, and it shows that Couture is aware of what his fans care about—and that’s refreshing.

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