Rob Gronkowski Pays Kid $100 For a Glass of Lemonade

Rob Gronkowski took some heat for some of his antics last year.

First there was “Strippergate,” when he tweeted a picture of his shirtless self standing next to adult film star Bibi Jones…who was wearing nothing but his New England Patriots jersey. Then there was the issue of Gronk having just a little too much fun after the Pats lost Super Bowl XLVI to the Giants. And of course, let’s not forget when he got up close and personal with that chick at the charity event this past summer.

But while Gronk may sometimes exhibit a little too much, um, let’s call it “youthful enthusiasm,” deep down he seems like a really good guy and a great teammate. And this week he proved that to be true while in New Orleans for some of the Super Bowl XLVII festivities.

At some point he stopped by CBS’s headquarters in what they call “Radio Row.”  As he was leaving, there was a little kid selling lemonade. That kid asked Gronk if he’d like to buy some, and Gronk said sure. Then he handed the kid a $100 bill and told him to keep the change.

If it were anybody else, I’d say it was just a publicity stunt. But we all know that Gronk doesn’t really fake anything, and he never holds anything back. What you see is what you get with this guy—for better or for worse. So this was just Gronk being Gronk—which is to say, a cool dude.

Anyway, Will Brinson, a senior blogger over at, was there to witness the event.  And he even captured a photo of the exchange.  Here it is:

gronk pays $100 for lemonade

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