Russell Westbrook Had a Very Strange Meltdown Last Night (Video)

russell westbrook pouting

Two seasons ago, a 22-year-old Russell Westbrook reacted angrily toward Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks after getting benched in the fourth quarter in the Western Conference Finals, and it became apparent to everyone that the talented point guard had some maturing to do.

Then, last season, it looked as though Westbrook had made some serious progress in that regard. His game and attitude improved, and he helped lead the Thunder to the NBA Finals.

Unfortunately, last night it seems Westbrook might have taken a step backwards. With the Thunder up 25 points on the Memphis Grizzlies halfway through the 3rd quarter, Westbrook got called for a five-second violation. Then he exchanged words with teammate Thabo Sefolosha. Then he punched the basketball. Then started talking to the Thunder bench. Then he gave up an easy dunk with sloppy defense. Then he got pulled from the game. Then he got into an argument with assistant coach Mo Cheeks. And then, finally, he stormed off to the locker room.

It was a very strange meltdown. Not even the announcers at the game knew exactly what to think.

Take a look:

After the game Kevin Durant told TNT, “Throughout the game you’re going to have ups and downs. Russ is so emotional he wants to win so bad.”

It’s nice that Westbrook’s teammate didn’t throw him under the bus there. But seriously, tell the guy to chill out a bit. He’s 24, not 14.

Hat Tip – [The Point Forward]

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