UFC 156: Antonio Silva Treated Alistair Overeem’s Face Like a Punching Bag (GIF)

silva overeem ufc 156

With a victory against Antonia Silva at UFC 156 on Saturday night, heavyweight Alistair Overeem would have been in line for a title shot against Cain Velasquez. So while every MMA fighter in every MMA fight has a lot on the line (namely, avoiding brain damage), Overeem had even more on the line than most.

And things went well for Overeem through the first two rounds. He wasn’t landing any devastating blows, but he was landing more than Silva and he was dictating the action. It was all going according to plan.

Unfortunately for Overeem, that plan soon went to hell. Silva headed straight to the center of the octagon to start the third round, and when Overeem went there to meet him he took a sudden barrage of punches. Then Silva pushed him to the fence and used his face like a punching bag.

There’s no question that Overeem was knocked out cold. The only question is whether it was before or after he hit the canvas.

Just take a look at the animated GIF:

silva knocking out overeem at UFC 156

So much for Overeem’s title shot.

After the knockout, Silva stood over Overeem shouting, “Let’s go! I want more! Come fight!”  However, I don’t think Overeem heard him.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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