Super Bowl XLVII: Joe Flacco Drops F-Bomb on National TV (Video)

joe flacco super bowl f-bomb

Last night the Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco joined an elite club: NFL quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl. And since he is only the 30th member of that club, it’s understandable that he was extremely excited.

That’s why Joe Flacco also joined another (less prestigious) club last night: athletes who dropped an f-bomb on live TV after winning a big game.

Who else is in this club? Well, last summer we saw the Los Angeles Kings’ captain Dustin Brown drop a big old f-bomb while being interviewed on NBC by Pierre McGuire. And back in 2011 we saw the Milwaukee Brewers’ Nyjer Morgan drop one after a huge walk off win in Game 5 of the NLDS.

Anyway, like I said, this club isn’t quite as prestigious as the other club Flacco joined last night, but he joined it nonetheless. Check it out:

I’m sure some uptight people somewhere in America were upset by this. But of course, Joe Flacco is right. Winning the Super Bowl is “f–king awesome.”

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