The Lights Went Out at ‘Super Bowl XLVII’

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Well, last night we saw two things that we’d never, ever seen at a Super Bowl before. And they came within minutes of each other.

The first was a 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Jacoby Jones, which was pretty awesome. The second was the power outage.

That wasn’t as awesome.

The game was delayed for 34 minutes when the lights in one half of the Mercedes Super Dome went out. The cause? Well, according to Entergy, the New Orleans utility company (with an awesome name) that supplies electricity to the Dome, some magical “sensing equipment” detected an “abnormality” in the system and thus shut it down.

So one pretty much has to assume that Entergy gets its power from vast fields of human beings who have been turned into batteries and harvested for energy, and that the “abnormality” is a guy named Neo.

Seriously, though, I have no idea what the “abnormality” was, and as far as I know, Entergy hasn’t explained it further…probably because the general public doesn’t know too much about electrical engineering and a detailed explanation wouldn’t do much good anyway. The main point here is that it was not the NFL’s fault, and it wasn’t the Super Dome’s fault. Oh, and the FBI has officially said that terrorists didn’t do it either (because turning out half the lights at the Super Bowl would have been sooooo terrorizing). Instead, it was the systematic abnormality’s fault.

Stupid abnormality.

Of course, all of this made for some pretty funny commentary as the Twitterverse exploded. Here are some of the best tweets about the outage:

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And here is my personal favorite:

super bowl power outage tweet 7

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