English Soccer Fan Storms Pitch and Attacks Goalie (Video)

soccer fan attacks goalie

All pro sports seem to inspire excess in their fans. This excess is manifested in a variety of ways, mind you—fighting, streaking, drunken lap dancing, running across table tops in a restaurant—but it’s almost always present.

Of course, the worst type of excess is when fans invade the field and attack a player or referee. And for some reason, this seems to happen most often at soccer games.

Don’t believe me? See this, or this, or this…or this.

Oh, wait, that last one was from the Arena League Football. So there are exceptions to the rule. But for the most part, most fan attacks seem to happen at soccer games.

So who are the most vulnerable people on the pitch at a soccer game? The goalies. All the other players and the referees are constantly moving, and of course, they’re all in better shape than any drunk idiot who might run out there with ill intentions. But the goalies are just standing out there like sitting ducks.

And that brings us to today’s fan attack. At a League 2 (England’s third tier) match on Monday night in Gillingham between Gillingham FC and Wycombe FC, the Wycombe keeper was attacked by an overzealous Gillingham fan in extra time.

Take a look:

It’s hard to say for sure, but that fan looks pretty young. So as bad as the fan’s actions were, it’s probably good the keeper didn’t give in to temptation and give the dude a kick in the ribs.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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