Super Bowl XLVII According to NMA World (Video)

nma animated re-enactment of super bowl xlvii

A couple weeks back we brought you the Next Media Animation summary of the NFL’s two Conference Championship games. Today we’ve got their take on Super Bowl XLVII.

As usual, these media gurus don’t pull any punches. Whereas the folks running “traditional” sports media outlets have to be diplomatic so as not to embarrass the rich people who run things, NMA doesn’t really care if they embarrass anyone. So if a team just plain sucked, they don’t just tell you about it. They make fun of them, too.

Such is the case in their summary of the Super Bowl. They accuse the 49ers of sleeping through the first half (and depict them catching Zs out on the field) and then show one sad player getting brutally steamrolled (complete with splashing blood) by Joe Flacco.

Oh, and they suggest that the 49ers had something to do with the blackout. So yeah. No mercy.

Take a look:

I’m pretty sure they’re just trolling for nutty conspiracy theorists to get a lot of YouTube comments when they go suggest the 49ers might have pulled the plug on the power. But that’s what makes this stuff fun.

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