Two NHL Referees Took a Puck to the Face Last Night (Videos)

referee puck to the face

Monday, February 4th, 2013 will go down as one of the worst days to be an on-ice official in NHL history.  Why?  Because not one, but two NHL referees were on the receiving end of a puck to the face during last night’s slate of games.

The first took place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto during a game between the Maple Leafs and the Carolina Hurricanes.  Midway through the second period, a clearing attempt by the Leafs’ Dion Phaneuf ricocheted off the glass and hit referee Marc Joannette square in the face.   The result was two lost teeth and 13 stitches for Joannette, and it nearly led to a Leafs goal as well.

Check it out:

And then we have Chris Rooney, who was on the receiving end of a puck to the head during last night’s game between the Dallas Stars and the Colorado Avalanche, when a Jamie Oleksiak point shot deflected off the skate of Paul Stastny early in the first period.

Rooney remained on the ice for several minutes before skating off under his own power. However, he did not return to the game, forcing Justin St. Pierre to officiate the remainder of the contest on his own.

Here’s a look at the incident:

If you’re looking for details on Rooney’s condition, the NHL has only stated that he has checked out okay, which is always a good thing to hear after witnessing someone take an errant puck to the head.

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