Rob Gronkowski Dancing Shirtless at XS Las Vegas Super Bowl XLVII Party (Video)

rob gronkowski dance las vegas super bowl

Still the same old Gronk.

Last year, following the New England Patriots’ 21-17 loss to the New York Giants at Super Bowl XLVI, Rob Gronkowski decided that the best way to get over the agonizing defeat was to dance like a mad man with LMFAO at the Patriots’ post-game victory party.

One year later, following Super Bowl XLVII, Gronk was at it again.

Now, I should remind you that the Patriots’ tight end was not playing in this year’s Super Bowl, which was between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, but his post-game festivities still managed to bear a striking resemblance to last year’s.

For starters, Gronk was nursing an injury on both occasions.  Last year he was dealing with a high ankle sprain.  And this year it was a broken left forearm, which he sustained during the Patriots’ Divisional Round playoff victory over the Houston Texans.

Video footage of Gronk’s night at XS Las Vegas following the Super Bowl this past Sunday show him wearing a brace on his left arm as he dances like a mad man (again) while on stage with Redfoo of LMFAO (also, again).  Perhaps the only thing missing this time around was LMFAO’s other half, SkyBlu, and Gronk’s shirt.

Here’s one clip of Rob Gronkowski’s wild night of dancing:

And here is a much more interesting video of Gronk from that night, which shows him giving one of his buddies a DDT:

Wrestling his buddies probably isn’t something that the Patriots want to see their star tight end doing while he recovers from a broken forearm that he has already re-injured once.

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