Is This the Best National Signing Day Commitment Ever? (Video)

funny signing day commitment

Today, if you aren’t already aware, is “National Signing Day” in college football—the first day in which a high school senior can sign a binding “National Letter of Intent” with the NCAA declaring that he will go to a certain school.

So far, the big news is that former SEC also-ran Ole Miss has signed several top recruits. In addition to Robert Nkemdiche, a 6’5″, 260-pounder from Loganville, Georgia, who is considered the #1 recruit in the nation, the Rebels have also signed the following highly-touted prospects: Laremy Tunsil, the top offensive tackle recruit and #5 overall; Antonio Coner, the #24 overall recruit; Austin Golson, the #86 overall recruit; and Laquon Treadwell, the #1 receiver.

Of course, while those were all big signings, none of the actual announcements were as fun to watch as this one:

Yes, obviously this is fake. It’s clearly filmed in someone’s half-finished basement, and that kid hardly looks like a top-flight college football recruit. Moreover, that ESPN news ticker at the bottom is flashing football scores from October.

Still, this is pretty awesome. That news ticker was actually a really nice touch. And wouldn’t it be amazing if somebody actually did sign a letter of intent this way?

Anyway, I’d love to give credit to this kid for creating this video, but I don’t quite know who he is. From his YouTube page I’ve gleaned that he is an Alabama fan, he goes by “RBT,” and that his actual name is probably Samuel Brown. That’s about it.

Regardless, this is some nice work, and a great way for college football fans to celebrate National Signing Day!

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