Red Wings’ Jordin Tootoo Gives Himself Repairs in the Penalty Box After Fight (Video)

jordin tootoo fight begin

Detroit Red Wings games have rarely provided fights over the past couple of decades, but that has suddenly changed this season with the addition of Jordin Tootoo to their line-up.

In just nine games this season, Tootoo has already racked up four fights.  Perhaps his most interesting bout took place during last night’s game against the Calgary Flames, when the 5’9″ forward from Churchill, Manitoba went toe-to-toe with Steve Begin.

Both fighters got in some nasty shots in what turned out to be a rather exciting fight, but that’s not what made it so interesting.  Rather, it was what happened after the bout that caught our attention, as a bloodied Jordin Tootoo decided to do his own repairs on his mouth in the penalty box, rather than head to the dressing room for some stitches.

Check it out:

I guess when you’re an NHL fighter, you can’t help but learn a few things about closing up a wound.

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