Kobe Bryant Posterized Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries (Video)

kobe bryant posterizes kris humphries and gerald wallace

The Lakers may be starting to pull things together a bit over the last 10 to 15 games, but overall this season has been pretty brutal. They got off to a horrible start, fired a coach, hired a guy many people thought was the wrong choice, and then they still struggled to play great ball. However, you can’t blame any of their troubles on The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. The guy is third in the league in scoring with 27.6 points per game, and he leads the league in assists…

Okay, I’m totally messing with you. Kobe’s nowhere near the top of the assists leader board. Everybody knows that guy doesn’t like to pass.

I was serious about the PPG thing, though. Kobe has been a scoring machine this season, and last night he put on quite a show in a big win over the Nets in Brooklyn. Late in the 4th quarter with the score tied at 80 a piece, Bryant got the ball outside the arc, got Gerald Wallace to challenge him, and then drove to the hoop and posterized both Wallace and Kris Humphries.

It was a thing of beauty. Take a look:

Kobe may be 34 years old, but the guy has still got it.

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