Super Bowl XLVII: A Look Inside the NFL Control Room During the Power Outage (Video)

behind the scenes nfl control room super bowl power outage

When the lights went out at Super Bowl XLVII and Twitter exploded with 231,500 tweets per minute (yes, they measure that), I couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like to be in the NFL’s control room for those 34 minutes. Right? I mean, those people must have been flipping their lids.

Interestingly, CBS reporter Armen Keteyian just so happened to be in the control room doing an interview with Frank Supovitz for Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports when the lights went out. Supovitz was in charge of the NFL’s gameday operations, so there was no better person to have on camera at that exact moment.

So what was the reaction in the control room? Well, actually, it was surprisingly calm. There was no cursing or yelling. Everyone just kicked into high gear and started problem solving.

It’s actually pretty impressive. I probably would have freaked out. But, then again, that’s why these folks get paid the big bucks.

Here’s a preview of the full 60 Minutes Sports show, which airs tonight on Showtime:

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