Habs’ Carey Price Takes a Puck to the Groin During Warm-Ups (Video)

carey price nutshot

You would think that, with frozen pieces of rubber flying at them at 80 mph, hockey goalies would have enough padding around their “man equipment” to make sure nothing bad can happen. But apparently that is not the case.

Before last night’s Bruins-Canadiens tilt at the Bell Centre in Montreal, during the pre-game skate, Montreal’s Lars Eller took an innocuous-looking wrist shot that goaltender Carey Price couldn’t quite seem to get a blocker, glove, pad, or stick on. So the thing hit him in the crotch, and he dropped to the ice in pain.

After laying there stunned for a little while, Price eventually got up and left the ice. And when he did, he looked pretty annoyed. Of course, he couldn’t really be mad at teammate Eller, whose shot wasn’t much different from any other Price might face. I’m sure Carey just didn’t enjoy getting whacked in the nads.

Take a look:

The NHL has been so worried about headshots that it seems they’ve let things slip in the nutshot prevention department. I think Price might want to re-evaluate his protective gear, as well.  If a shot like that hurt, could you imagine what a slap shot would have done?

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