Deion Sanders’ Daughter, Deiondra, Joins the Bikini Basketball Association (Pics)

deiondra sanders 2

Move over, Lingerie Basketball League. There’s a new game in town—the Bikini Basketball Association.

That’s right. The Lingerie Football League has started a new fad. Now people are trying to create sexier versions of every sport. There’s even been some talk about bikini hockey, though it’s unclear if that’s actually going to happen.

However, it’s the Bikini Basketball Association, or BBA, we’re talking about today. Why? Because they’ve just announced their first “big name” signing for the inaugural season that kicks off in June: Deiondra Sanders, the 20-year-old daughter of Hall of Fame football player Deion Sanders. She’ll be playing for the Atlanta Peaches, and judging by her recent Twitter activity, she’s pretty excited.

Of course, it also seems she doesn’t quite know what the league is actually called. In one tweet she says “Bikini League Basketball,” and in another she says “Bikini Basketball League,” neither of which is correct. But whatever. You get the idea. Neon Deion’s daughter. Bikini, running, jumping.

So what does Deiondra’s father think about all this? He thinks it’s swell.

deion sanders tweet about daughter in bikini basketball

Is it just me, or is “Cant wait 2CU play!” the wrong response? I mean, even if you don’t mind the fact that your daughter is going to put on a bikini so she can jiggle her goods for a bunch of gawking men, that doesn’t mean you should go watch the games. Just think of how awkward that’s going to be.

In any case, here are a few more pics of Deiondra so you know what you have to look forward to this summer:

deiondra sanders 4

deiondra sanders 3

deiondra sanders 1

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