Kobe Bryant: 24 Sweet GIFs

kobe bryant gifs

Yesterday we here at TotalProSports showed you a great Kobe Bryant highlight in which he blows past the Nets’ Gerald Wallace and then dunks on Kris Humprhies. Now, I’m not a Lakers fan, and I’ve never really been a huge Kobe fan either, but as I watched that clip I couldn’t help but think it’s just fun to watch that guy do his thing. So when it came time to pick a topic for today’s list of animated GIFs, I thought, hey, how about a bunch of Kobe GIFs? And when I was trying to decide how many to do, the obvious answer was right there on Kobe’s back: 24.

Anyway, if you’re a huge Kobe Bryant fan then you’re going to love this. And if you’re a huge Kobe Bryant hater…well, you’ll probalby also love it. Because let’s face it, even if you root for the Celtics you have to appreciate the entertainment value of Kobe Bryant. Right?


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