TUF 17: Uriah Hall’s Spinning Heel Kick is the Greatest Knockout in ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ History (Video)

uriah hall knocks out adam cella (the ultimate fighter 17)

Did you ever wonder what The Bachelor would look like if they tailored it to dudes? Well, there’s already a show out there just like that. It’s The Ultimate Fighter on FX. Instead of a bunch of girls living together in a big mansion, it’s a bunch of guys. Instead of having catfights amongst each other, they have real fights. And instead of the winner getting a diamond ring at the end, he gets a pro MMA contract.

So it really is like The Bachelor…only bloodier.

Oh, and there’s one other similarity: just as in The Bachelor, in TUF they tease you with highlights. For example, since Season 17 started, they’ve been alluding to an incredible knockout that’s as good as any you’ve ever seen. With all the hype, you figure there is no way it’ll be that good. That’s what they do in reality TV—edit things to look one way when, in fact, they are not that way at all.

But guess what—turns out they weren’t kidding. At the end of Episode 3 on Tuesday night, the fight between Team Sonnen’s Uriah Hall and Team Jones’s Adam Cella concluded with a crazy spinning heel kick knockout.

The winner…of a trip to the hospital? That would be Cella. Hall got him good with a heel to the side of the head, knocking him right the [email protected]#$ out.

It actually turned out to be quite the terrifying scene for a moment.  Take a look:

I’m thinking that little clip might attract some more viewers in the next couple of weeks. Wouldn’t you agree?

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