Zac Rinaldo Was Mic’d Up When He Knocked Out B.J. Crombeen on Tuesday (Videos)

zac rinaldo vs. b.j. crombeen hockey fight

You might think fighting ought to be eliminated from hockey. Or you might think it’s essential and that eliminating it would ruin the game. Or you might think it’s the only thing that makes a game worth watching at all. But regardless of your views on fighting in hockey, you’re going to like this video.

You see, the hockey fighting culture, if you want to call it that, is governed by a strict code. This is when you fight, this is who you fight, and this is how you fight. Any violations of that code and, well, you’re going to end up with a target on your back. And on Tuesday night in Philadelphia, we didn’t just see a guy violate that code. We saw a guy who happened to be mic’d up at the time violate that code.

Midway through the first period between the Flyers and Lightning, Philly’s Zac Rinaldo and Tampa’s B.J. Crombeen dropped the gloves. The fight was pretty even until Rinaldo landed one punch that knocked Crombeen down to his knees. Then, while he was going down, Rinaldo threw a few more haymakers, and one of them landed. Hard.

That’s not allowed. You don’t hit a guy when he’s down. And afterward, Rinaldo was actually very worried that he had broken the code.

First watch the fight as it was shown on TV:

Did you hear Pierre McGuire explain how Martin St. Louis and Danny Briere were discussing the violation of “the code”?  Now listen to Rinaldo himself talking about it:

So what do you think?  Was it a cheap shot?

Regardless, one thing is absolutely clear: the NHL needs to mic up players a lot more often, because it’s pretty fascinating to hear what goes on down on the ice.

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