Illinois Knocks Off No.1 Indiana Thanks to Tyler Griffey’ Buzzer-Beater (Video)

illinois buzzer-beater over #1 indiana

It’s been a tough year for #1’s in NCAA basketball. Every time a team ascends to the top of the rankings, they get beaten right away. And yesterday Indiana joined the party. Again.

The Hoosiers lost to the unranked Illinois Fighting Illini last night in a thrilling game that was decided by a buzzer-beater layup by Tyler Griffey. With the score tied at 72-72 and just 0.9 seconds left on the clock, the senior forward took an inbounds pass and quickly converted a wide-open layup for the huge upset victory.

Check out the play:

With that one awful defensive breakdown, Indiana became the sixth #1 team to lose this season, and the fifth consecutive #1 team to lose within a week of reaching the top of the rankings.

You will recall that Indiana themselves got things rolling when they lost to Butler back on December 15. Then, #1 Duke lost to #20 NC State on January 12; #1 Louisville lost to #6 Syracuse on January 19; #1 Duke lost again to #25 Miami on January 23; #1 Michigan lost to #3 Indiana on February 2; and now this.

On the one hand, this pattern offers hope to both Davids and Goliaths. The Davids all say, hey, we can beat these guys, while the Goliaths can take consolation in the fact that a loss doesn’t mean you can’t make it back to the top.

That being said, I’m sure there are a number of coaches out there who would rather their team not take up the burden of the #1 ranking at this point.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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