Mike Tyson Sat Down with Katie Couric Yesterday and Posed For This Pic

mike tyson with katie couric

On Thursday, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson sat down to have a little chat with Katie Couric about his role in a new episode of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

In the episode, you see, Tyson plays a rape victim, which is quite interesting given that he himself was convicted of raping an 18-year-old woman in an Indianapolis hotel room back in 1991. The decision to cast Tyson in this role was a stunt aimed at attracting viewers for “February sweeps.” It has sparked a lot of discussion, and many people—including about 7,000 who signed an online petition—were not too happy with the casting.

Of course, as we saw in her interview with Manti Te’o, Katie Couric definitely is not afraid to ask the tough questions. So in her interview she asked Tyson point blank why he was violent toward women.

His response? It was interesting, if not entirely satisfactory. “Listen,” Tyson said, “I was violent towards everybody. I didn’t give anybody no quarters, and they didn’t give me any quarters. I was violent toward everybody, got equal opportunity.”

Then Katie asked why he was violent toward everybody. Tyson responded, “I don’t know, ’cause I hated myself and I wanted them to feel the pain that I felt at the time and umm, I don’t know. I was not well. I’m just a guy trying to bridge the gaps between who I am and what I wanna be as I was saying and that’s gonna take a lot of um, that’s gonna take a whole lot of struggling.”

It was an interesting interview to say the least. But then it got downright surreal when Couric tweeted the above photo—with Tyson looking like he was just having a good time, goofing around, and not talking about domestic violence and rape.


Hat Tip DanD