Rangers Rinkside Reporter John Giannone Takes a Puck to the Face, Keeps Reporting (Video)

rangers rinkside reporter john giannone hit by puck

One of the best developments in hockey broadcasting in recent years has to be—no, not FOX’s puck halo—the rinkside reporter. Having a guy right there between the benches, within earshot of the players, refs, and coaches, really helps the viewers at home get a sense for what’s actually going on at ice level.

That being said, while reporting from the sidelines of any sport can be a perilous job, reporting on hockey from ice level without the protection of the plexiglass can be downright life-threatening.

Just ask John Giannone, the rinkside reporter for the Rangers on the MSG network. On Thursday night at the Garden, as the last few seconds were ticking off the clock in the second period of the Rangers-Islanders game, Giannone took a puck right to the kisser.

You have to hand it to Giannone. He never played in the NHL or anything, but he sure took that puck to the face like a pro. The guy got right back in there and reported on his own injury with the blood still streaming down his face.

See for yourself:

Somebody give that guy a raise.

Hat Tip – [CBSsports]

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