Southampton’s Jason Puncheon Celebrates Goal By Wiping His Rear (GIF)

jason puncheon butt wipe

Soccer games always seem to provide a plethora of interesting gifs, from awkward goal celebrations to hilarious slow motion reactions from managers.

Saturday’s Premier League match-up between Southampton and Manchester City provided both of the above.  First, there was this celebration from Jason Puncheon following his seventh-minute goal, which gave Southampton the 1-0 lead.

Check it out:


That was Puncheon’s sixth goal of the Premier League season, and if this butt-wiping display is any indication of what we can expect from his future goal celebrations, let’s all hope he doesn’t score a seventh.

As for the “hilarious slow motion reaction” gif, that comes to us from Southampton’s manager, Mauricio Pochettino:

I’m not sure what he was trying to tell his players in this instance, but apparently it worked, as Southampton emerged with a 3-1 victory over the defending Premier League champions.

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