Notre Dame vs. Louisville Provides Five Overtimes and a $18,000 Half-Court Shot (Videos)

notre dame student wins $18,000 on half court shot on ESPN

Saturday was a little bit crazy at old Notre Dame. The former #1 (current #11) Louisville Cardinals were on campus to take on the #25 Fighting Irish, and since their game was the highlight of ESPN’s Saturday hoops coverage, the College GameDay folks were on campus too.

However, things got exciting long before the game actually began. As part of their GameDay extravaganza, ESPN and State Farm Insurance gave a Notre Dame senior named Casey Murdock a chance to win $18,000 by making a half-court shot. As the commentator explains, only three people had ever won the prize in the history of College GameDay. Then Murdock sank the second shot he took, and pandemonium ensued.

Check it out:

Unfortunately, after taxes that kid will probably see about $13,000 of that $18,000, and that won’t quite cover half a semester at ND. But it will buy a lot of pizza and beer.

In any case, the craziest thing about all of this is that Murdock’s $18K half-court shot was just the second-most exciting thing that happened in the arena that day. Later on, Notre Dame would go on to upset Louisville in the most exciting basketball game of the year.

What was so exciting about it, you ask? The fact that it went to quintuple overtime and still came down to the very last shot.

Here are the highlights:

This was just what Notre Dame needed, wasn’t it? Something to take their minds off that horrible BCS National Championship Game beatdown and the whole Manti Te’o fake dead girlfriend thing for a while.

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