Phil Mickelson Takes a Spill at Pebble Beach (Video)

phil mickelson falls on ass at pebble beach

Just before the Phoenix Open a couple weeks ago, Phil Mickelson made some headlines by complaining about the new tax rates that will soon take effect. You see, old Lefty made somewhere between $45 and $60 million last year, and he’s a little miffed that the federal income tax rate for his bracket is going up to 57.9%.

Now, nobody likes to give away money they feel they’ve earned. I understand that. But putting the politics of tax law aside, I have two problems with Phil’s comments: (a) it’s in bad taste to complain about having to live on $19-25 million when everyone else has to get by on 1/500 of that, and (b) he brought politics into sports. In my opinion, athletes just need to keep their mouths shut. Sports are one of the things that can unite cities and families across class lines, and when you talk about politics, it ruins that.

So, yeah, I don’t consider myself a class warrior, but Lefty really rubbed me the wrong way with his tax complaints. I don’t hate him or anything. I’m willing to let bygones be bygones when people apologize, and Mickelson did apologize for the tax remarks. Still, I will admit that I was quite amused to see him fall on his butt while climbing around on the rocks looking for his ball at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am over the weekend. It seemed like a little comeuppance.

Take a look:

I guess he had to ice his can while flying off to his next exotic golf destination in his private jet that night.

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