High School Girls Basketball Player Drains Full-Court Bounce-Shot Buzzer-Beater (Video)

full-court bounce-shot buzzer-beater

Everybody loves a good buzzer-beater. And over the years, we’ve seen just about every kind of buzzer-beater imaginable—the buzzer-beating layup, the buzzer-beating fade-away, the buzzer-beating backwards over-the-head two-hander, and of course the buzzer-beating half-court shot.

Well, today we have a new kind of buzzer-beater that we never even knew was a possibility: the full-court bounce-shot buzzer-beater.

At a recent high school girls basketball game between Lewis Palmer High and Cheyenne Mountain High in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Anna Olson of Lewis Palmer got the ball in her own end with about 15 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. From there, Olson didn’t pass the ball, or start dribbling toward the other end. Instead, she just heaved it down court, where is bounced inside the paint, hit the backboard, and went through the hoop for two points.

Why two points and not three? Because the ball bounced inside the three point arc. Duh.

Have a look:

Is that ridiculous or what? I knew high school girls basketball could be awesome, but I didn’t know it could be this awesome.

Of course, the obvious question is, why on earth did Olson chuck the ball down court when she had plenty of time to pass or dribble? And as far as I can tell there are four possible answers:

  1. She was actually trying to hit a teammate with a pass to catch the opposing team’s defense off-guard
  2. She didn’t realize how much time was actually on the clock
  3. She knew how much time there was, but didn’t realize that was enough to get the ball down court the old-fashioned way
  4. She’s been working on that play for a while and decided to go for it.

Personally, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and go with explanation 4, in which case, Anna Olson is totally awesome.

Oh, and Lewis Palmer High went on to win the game 30-22.

Hat Tip – [Prep Rally]

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