Ref Hit by Flying Rock at Argentine Soccer Match (Video)

argentine soccer fan throws rock at referee

Another week, another story about crazy soccer fans doing crazy things.

Last week it was an English fan attacking a goalie. The week before that it was a bunch of AC Milan fans rioting in the streets outside a restaurant where new transfer Mario Balotelli was having dinner. This week it’s a pissed-off fan of second tier Argentine club Boca Unidos throwing a rock at a referee.

What did the ref do to deserve having a rock thrown at him? Well, during a match between Boca and Gimnasia Esgrima de La Plata, he had the nerve to send off a Boca player when they were already trailing 1-0. I mean, can you believe this guy? He totally deserved a brush with death!

Seriously, though, the rock in question was not small. If it had hit referee Mariano Gonzalez in the head and not the chest, he would have been in serious trouble.

Take a look:

Fortunately, Gonzalez was able and willing to finish refereeing the game. Personally, I would’ve been a little skittish after somebody almost killed me, but this guy obviously is less willing to be intimidated by a bunch of soccer hooligans than yours truly.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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