Adam Miller Performs the World’s First Successful Skateboard-to-Skateboard Gainer Backflip (Video)

skateboard-to-skateboard gainer back flip adam miller

I’m not a skateboarding expert. In fact, I’m not even a skateboarding novice, as I know very little about the sport at all. Sure, I know that Tony Hawk was kind of a big deal, and I’ve heard of a few other guys like Ryan Sheckler and Bob Bunrquist (thanks, X-Games!). Also, for some reason I know that boards are called “decks” and the hardware with the wheels are called “trucks,” but that’s about it. However, despite my lack of knowledge, I respect the sport tremendously. When people master it, skateboarding can be amazing. The video you’re about to see is proof of that.

A guy named Adam Miller—there’s another name to add to the list—recently performed the world’s first successful skateboard-to-skateboard gainer down a flight of six stairs.

Now, the skateboard-to-skateboard part of that is self-explanatory. The gainer part? Well, a gainer is a forward-moving backflip. So yes, you are going to like this.

Here it is:

Is this really the first time this stunt has ever been performed successfully? It’s hard to say for sure. However, one would have to think that, if they were lying and this had been done before, the millions of hardcore skate fans out there on the interwebs would rip into them. So I’m thinking their claim about this being the world’s first is legit.

But really, who cares if it’s the first, or second, or third. It’s still amazing.

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