NESN Announcer Jack Edwards Jumps For Joy After Bruins Tie the Game (Video)

bruins announcer jack edwards jumps for joy when bruins tie game

When something really big happens in a game, we expect the announcer to get excited. We expect a shift in both the tone and volume of his voice, and we expect some kind of superlative expression. It doesn’t have to be an Al Michaels moment or anything (“Do you believe in Miracles?“), but is should be something capable of encapsulating the moment.

However, when all this happens, did you ever wonder if the guy is just faking it? I mean, he could be. You can’t see him. Maybe he’s sitting there on his butt with a dead look in his eyes, and all the excitement in his voice is feigned.

Well, last night at TD Gardens in Boston, we got a chance to find out what really goes on in the booth when something big happens. You see, the Bruins, down 3-0 to the Rangers with only 11 minutes left in the game, came back to tie it thanks to one regular strength goal and two goals in the last 90 seconds with the goalie pulled.

It was an improbable comeback to say the least, and Jack Edwards, the Bruins’ announcer on NESN, was definitely not faking his excitement. How do we know? Because they had a camera in the booth at the time, and when the Bruins tied the game, he started jumping up and down—like everybody else in the arena.

Have a look:

I guess some people would say Jack is too much of a homer, but I like when home team announcers root for the team they cover. As long as they call it like it is (and say the team sucks when it sucks), I say they should get as excited as they want. But hey, that’s just me.

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